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Flexible Childcare at the TU Berlin



...want to attend a class or event?

...need time for your thesis or exam?

...have an urgent academic or professional appointment after 4 pm?


But you don’t have childcare?


The TU Berlin offers students and employees childcare during your obligations and appointments at the TU to improve the compatibility of studies/work and family.

In collaboration with the provider, Die Kinderwelt GmbH of Potsdam, the Family Services Office offers one-on-one care for children between 8 weeks and 12 years of age at the parents’ and children’s rooms on the Charlottenburg and Gustav-Meyer-Allee campuses.

Online Registration and Orientation Meeting

1. Online Registration

Register online directly with the provider, Die Kinderwelt GmbH. To obtain the partner code you will need for online registration, please contact the Family Services Office by phone (030-314-27613, 030-314-23332, or 030-314-25693) or email.

2. Orientation Meeting

At the same time, please schedule an appointment for a compulsory orientation meeting with a Family Services Office staff member so we can meet in person and discuss the details of care.

Please bring your student or employee ID to the meeting.

3. Reserving Care

After the orientation meeting, we will send your contact details and the information about your desired care to the provider, Die Kinderwelt. They will then find an appropriate caregiver who will contact the parents directly for additional coordination.

Please reserve care at least two weeks in advance.

Also, for children under three years of age, plan some extra lead time in addition to the reservation period to ensure a smooth adjustment for your child.

You can find this process summarized again in the Terms of Use, which you confirm at the end of the online registration process.

Please note: You are not automatically entitled to have flexible childcare approved. Due to the limited availability of childcare, a request can only be approved when there are sufficient childcare hours available and when all parents have been able to take advantage of them at an appropriate balance.

Childcare Times and Locations

Childcare times and locations can be arranged flexibly. The quantity of childcare may vary on an individual basis between 2 and 4 hours per day and up to 12 hours maximum per week.

Users may not independently extend or reschedule the hours that have been reserved. Any changes must be made through the Family Services Office without exception.

Childcare generally takes place in the parents’ and children’s rooms on the Charlottenburg and the Gustav-Meyer-Allee campuses. Depending on where the parents will be during the childcare, we try to find a parents’ and children’s room nearby.

Childcare Costs and Payment

All parents are charged a contribution towards the costs of flexible childcare.

Students at TU Berlin:
4 euro per hour
Staff at TU Berlin:
6 euro per hour

Parents are not charged extra for additional siblings.

Instructions for the Childcare Period

To ensure a comfortable, safe time for your child during childcare, we ask that bring along several items listed on the Handout for Parents

Terms of Cancellation

In general, you can cancel reserved childcare hours informally either in person, by phone, or by email.

Terms of Cancellation

  • For a free cancellation, you must contact ALL the following people/institutions by email or phone with at least 168 hours’ notice (one week) before the start of childcare:
  1. Die Kinderwelt (0331) 600-6385
  2. Family Services Office (030) 314-27613 or (030) 314-25693
  3. Caregiver

Tip: Write an email and place them all in CC.

  • For a cancellation with less than 168 hours’ notice due to your child becoming ill, please submit a doctor’s note from your child’s doctor to the Family Services Office. You will then be charged at the usual rate (€4 or €6) for the maximum of 6 hours.
  • In cases of cancellations with less than 168 hours’ notice and with no doctor’s note, the parents are charged in full.

A processing fee of 50 euros is charged for cancelled bookings.



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