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Scholarship holders

In promoting young scientists and junior researchers, reconciling an academic career with the commitments of family life has played an increasingly important role in recent years. Some scholarship providers take account of whether their recipients are parents, for example by paying a supplementary family allowance for each child. Yet others support reconciliation of academic and family life with a part-time scholarship or the provision of longer-term funding. There are, however, no standardised rules – no one size fits all.

Detailed and binding information on how family responsibilities can be taken into account when awarding a scholarship or approving enrolment at a post-graduate school can be obtained from the respective foundations and funding institutions.

Support opportunities at TU Berlin

proMotion service for doctoral students

proMotion, an online service at TU Berlin, offers advice and coaching for doctoral students. The service takes a confidential and, where necessary, anonymous approach to topics such as work-life reconciliation for doctoral students with a child or children, responsibility for caring for a dependent relative, strategic career planning that takes account of the desire to start a family, and conflict resolution concerning pregnancy/parenthood while working to obtain a doctorate.

For more information, see the proMotion page.

proMotion international

proMotion international – a virtual network for women in academia – is a long-established program open to all female doctoral researchers at the TU Berlin. It is designed to complement the academic supervision and services on offer from centralised units for further education (ZEWK and II PE-WB) and the TU-DOC Office.

The aim is to support women during the PhD process and encourage them to complete their degree. Bringing women together in a network offers not only support and additional motivation, but also provides an excellent opportunity to gain strategic knowledge and information. Thus equipped, they are well prepared to choose from a wide range of career options

TU-DOC Office

The promotion of young academics and junior research scientists is one of the main objectives of TU Berlin. Work involved in this area is coordinated by the TU-DOC Office. TUC-DOC provides helpful information for doctoral students, be they employees, scholarship holders or independent/external doctoral candidates. There are also some targeted services for doctoral students with families:

Child Allowance for Holders of TU Berlin Scholarships

With immediate effect, holders of TU-funded scholarships in the doctoral and research programmes (doctoral and postdoc students) can apply to the TU-DOC Office to receive a child allowance (up to €400 per month) instead of the family allowance available under the German Research Foundation (DFG) graduate programmes.

Eligible applicants submit their application for child allowance to the office in charge of their graduate programme. The application is then assessed by the TU-DOC Office and subsequently approved by the Vice President for Research, Faculty Appointment Matters and Promotion of Young Scientists (as at July 2016).

Doctorate Completion Grants for Women

At TU Berlin, the Main Women’s Representative awards six doctoral grants to women to help them complete their complete their doctorate.

External scholarships and funding

DFG Equal Opportunity Schemes

The various programmes funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) all contain support instruments to promote reconciling pursuit of an academic career with fulfilling family commitments. For more information on equal opportunities, follow this link.

Christiane Nüsslein Volhard Foundation

The Christiane Nüsslein-Volhard-Foundation also supports young academics with children to give them the freedom and mobility they need to pursue a career in research. The support is aimed at postgraduates doing research in a subject in the field of experimental sciences or medicine.

Federal Ministry of Education and Research Guidelines on the Promotion of Gifted Students

German organizations whose work is designed to foster young talent (Begabtenförderungswerke) offer child and family allowances to promote individuals who have the necessary motivation and skill and who are also engaged in extra-curricular activities. Click here for more information.

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