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Financial matters

Family allowance
After the birth of a child, mothers and fathers are entitled to claim family allowance if they look after their child themselves and do not spend more than 30 hours a week in gainful employment. It needs to be applied for early on at the relevant office in the federal state where you live. The family allowance amounts to 65-67 per cent of the net income lost by paid workers. It is limited, however, to a maximum of 1,800 euro and a minimum of 300 euro per month. If you reduce your working hours during the period of parental leave, allowance will only be made for a proportion of the earned income which you lose.

Child benefit
Child benefit can be claimed for a child from the day of its birth. It is intended to provide for the basic needs of the child. As a general rule, the parents are entitled to claim child benefit. Child benefit is set at 194 euro per month for the 1st and 2nd child, 200 euro for the 3rd child, and 225 euro for the 4th and every further child. Click here for more information on child benefit.

Supplementary child allowance
Single parents and couples with children can claim a supplementary child allowance under certain conditions. Applications for the supplementary child allowance should be made to the Family Benefits Office at the Federal Employment Agency.

Education and social integration package
It has been possible to claim additional benefits for education and social integration for children and young people from low-income families since 1 April 2011. Children and teenagers from families receiving unemployment benefit II, income support, welfare benefit, supplementary child allowance or housing benefit are eligible. Click here for more information on the education and social integration package.

Federal Foundation Mother and Child
The Federal Foundation "Mother and Child – Protection of Unborn Life" helps pregnant women in need who do not have the income to cover the outgoings in connection with the pregnancy, birth, care and upbringing of the baby. The Foundation therefore offers financial support, mainly helping to provide the basic equipment needed for the baby or the funds needed to continue running the household and the home and to furnish the home, or to look after the infant or toddler. The amount and duration of support depend on the circumstances of the person in need in any given case.
For further information on this subject, please visit the website of the Bundesstiftung „Mutter und Kind“.


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