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The FAQs about care can be found here.


Where do I apply for parental allowance?

You can apply for parental allowance only at the Parental

Benefit Office of the Youth Welfare Office in your district of residence.


You can find

addresses and opening hours on the Youth Welfare

Office website.




I need to include a certificate from my employer in my application for parental allowance. Where do I get it/who do I contact?

Please contact the personnel

team responsible for your office or faculty.




Where do I request parental leave?

With the personnel

team of your office/Faculty using this form.




When do I request parental leave?

No later than 7 weeks before parental leave is to begin




Who can receive a welcome package?

TU Berlin would like to congratulate you on becoming a

parent with special gift.


Employees can pick up a welcome package in the Family

Services Office.


All TU Berlin students with new children(children up to 2), all pregnant students, andstudents with

pregnant partners can receive the welcome

package from TU Tandem here.




What documents do I need when picking up the welcome package?

Your TU Berlin student/employee ID and the maternity record booklet or child’s birth certificate.




Where and when do I receive the welcome package?



Students can come to the TU Tandem Office during office

hours to receive the package:


TU Tandem Office


Straße des 17. Juni



Room H8118


Tuesdays from 12:00 to 14:00


If you are an employee, please contact the Family Services





How do I register my child for one of the Studentenwerk daycares?





Information about registering your child for a daycare can

be found on the Studentenwerk





How and where do I request a leave of absence due to pregnancy/parental leave?




page from the Academic Advising Service explains how to request a leave of





How can cover for my position be organized during the maternity protection period?

Information on this topic can be found in this





What is the TU Tandem Mentoring Program?



The TU Tandem Mentoring Program is not a language

tandem. This program matches mentees with family obligations with mentors who

provide support. Mentors receive special training. All mentorship is offered in

a 1:1 model. 




Who can participate in the TU Tandem Mentoring Program?



All TU Berlin students


(including doctoral candidates) who need support during

their studies due to family responsibilities




All TU Berlin students


(including doctoral candidates) who are interested in

helping other students with their family obligations during their studies.




How do I apply for the TU Tandem Mentoring Program?



The application form for the TU TandemMentoring Program can be found on the TU Tandem Team







What kind of support do I receive as a mentee?



As a mentee (student with a child)you are assigned a mentor whosupports you during your studies. You can prepare for

class, form success teams and overcome inhibitions





What are my responsibilities as a mentor?



As a mentor, you support a mentee (student with a child)

during their studies.


You can prepare for class, form success teams and overcome

inhibitions together.


Who is the contact person for the Mentoring Program?



The contact for the TU Tandem


Mentoring Program is the TU Tandem Team:


TU Tandem

Servicebereich Familienbüro
Room H 8118

Straße des 17. Juni 135

10623 Berlin


Email: info@tandem.tu-berlin.de

Link: www.tandem.tu-berlin.de/menue/tu_tandem/kontakt/




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