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family-friendly university audit

What is the audit for family-friendly universities?


By taking part in the audit for family-friendly universities run by berufundfamilie Service GmbH, TU Berlin is actively working toward its goal of creating a family-friendly environment for work and study. Through the audit, the university is committed to catering for a whole range of lifestyles and family forms.

The audit for family-friendly universities is a strategic tool for organizational development. It also:

  • integrates family-friendliness into the university's philosophy and strategy;
  • systematically embeds family-friendly work and study conditions in our organization, its culture, its tools and its communications;
  • ensures that family-friendliness reaches as many areas of the university as possible, and enables us to critically analyze the effectiveness of family-friendly measures and improvements made to existing measures.



How long has TU Berlin been a certified family-friendly university for?


The audit is designed as a multi-stage process. After the first audit in 2008, two further audits were carried out at three-year intervals (in 2011 and 2014). The dialog stage followed in 2017. This rigorous process aims to improve TU Berlin's ability to manage its own approach to achieving a balance between work, family and private life. In 2008, TU Berlin was awarded the audit for family-friendly universities quality seal.



Who is involved in the audit project?


The President heads the audit for family-friendly universities project. The Family Services Office is responsible for coordinating the auditing process. The steering committee meets three times a year to oversee the project.




What measures have already been implemented?

Since 2008, more than 200 measures across seven action areas have been successfully implemented. These include: 

  • Launching the Family Services Office and the Dual Career Service
  • Service agreement on teleworking
  • Service agreement on flexible working hours
  • Expanding section 40 of AllgStuPo (the regulations on degree and examination procedures) on remedial measures for people with challenging situations to include students with a family.
  • Procedure for handling applications to extend the family policy component of WissZeitVG (the act governing limited-term contracts in academia and research)
  • Fair for Family competition
  • Job specifications for management staff in administration
  • And many other measures



What is planned for the implementation period from 2018 to 2021?

The implementation phase of the dialog process focuses on balancing work, study and care. Measures to be implemented will be set out in an action program. Key measures include:

  • Taking account of the concerns of students with children when planning semesters, in terms of projects and the implementation of SAP Supplier Lifecycle Management (SLM) 
  • Improving the legal framework for flexible study arrangements (care) based on needs
  • Revising the guidelines on performance reviews to include work-family/care balance as a topic of discussion
  • Developing the advice available on care, taking into account the opportunities and limitations at TU 
  • Providing information for employees and students with relatives in need of care 
  • Adding care issues to training content on Health and Family
  • Updating the TU website in order to put greater emphasis on achieving a balance between work/study and care 
  • Developing communication strategies and materials for specific target groups
  • Offering networking opportunities for employees, trainees and students with care responsibilities


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