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The Team

Katja Müller (II FB)

Head of Family Service Office

  • Conceptual development of the family service office
  • Coordination "audit family-friendly university"
  • Development of new and quality assurance of existing services and advice
  • Public relations and committee work
  • Processing fundamental questions on compatibility issues

room H1110A (mainbuildung)
phone: (030) 314-23332



    Stefanie Nordmann (II FB 1)


    Project-Coordination TU Tandem

    Third-party project as part of the teaching quality agreement (QPL)

    • Coordination TU tandem - Mentoring for students with family
    • Expansion of family-friendly structures for students
    • Contact Facebook fanpage "Campus and Family"

    Room H 8118 (new building)
    phone: (030) 314-27320

    Diana Erbach (II FB 2)



    • Childcare facilities
    • Fair für Familie” competition
    • Advice
    • Public relations
    room H 1111 (mainbuilding)
    phone (030) 314-27613

    N.N. (II FB 01)


    • Public Relation
    • Initial consultation
    • Appointment coordination
    • Organization

    romm H 1111 (mainbuilding)
    phone: 030 / 314-25693

    Jurij Richter (II FB 02)


    Student Assistant

    as part of the teaching quality agreement (QPL)

    • Support and organization of TU Tandem Mentoring program
    • Organization and evaluation of workshops, info events, etc.
    • Support with PR work

    Room H 8118 (new building)
    Tel: (030) 314-27319



    N.N. (II FB 03)

    Student Assistant

    • Support of the offers for students with family
    • Public relations

    Room H 1111 (main building)
    Tel. (030) 314-27319



    Julia Sommer (II FB 04)


    Student Assistant

    as part of the teaching quality agreement (QPL)

    • PR work for programs for students with families
    • Responsibility for social media channels
    • Maintaining and developing the best practice portal

    Room H 8118 (new building)
    Tel: (030) 314-27319




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