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Supporting equality of opportunity during the COVID-19 pandemic through targeted measures


 The COVID-19 pandemic and the restrictions this places on our everyday lives have presented us with many challenges in the past months, challenges which we will continue to face in the coming months. Particularly researchers with young children or dependents in need of care are suddenly faced for an indefinite period of time with the challenge of pursuing their work and meeting the demands of their scientific activities from home while simultaneously caring for children or managing their household. There is still the risk of care facilities closing again if coronavirus infections are reported or not being able to provide childcare if your child has a suspected coronavirus infection.

All this especially affects researchers in the doctoral and postdoctoral stages, where the pressure to produce scientific work is extremely high. TU Berlin would like to provide targeted support to its researchers during this exceptional situation to minimize the resulting disadvantages and promote equality of opportunity. Researchers currently pursuing doctoral or postdoctoral work are eligible to request financial support for care costs in various time slots until the end of 2020 via funds provided by the Berlin University Alliance Excellence Strategy. This time applications must be submitted by 04 October.

The ZEWK offers courses as a part of the package of measures for 2020 aimed at promoting equality of opportunity during the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic.

Who is eligible to apply?

Junior researchers in the doctoral or postdoctoral stage, who are members of TU Berlin and a) live full time with at least one child (between 8 weeks and 12 years) in the same household and/or b) are responsible for a caring for a dependent. This includes researchers employed by TU Berlin and enrolled doctoral candidates who have registered their intent to pursue a doctorate at TU Berlin.

There is a limit of one application per individual.

When is the application deadline?

There will be several time slots for application. 

  • End of 1. time slot: 6 September 2020
  • End of 2. time slot: 20 September 2020
  • End of 3. time slot: 04 October 2020

Where do I submit the application?

Please send the completed application to: . For general inquiries and application please use the email subject "„Betreuungskosten Call Chancengleichheit“.

Which costs are eligible for support?

You can request financial support for care costs:

1. For children aged 8 weeks to 12 years or

2. For children with a disability or

3. For a dependent in need of care (for example, because daytime institutional care is no longer possible).

Is there a maximum limit?

As a rule, each applicant is eligible to receive a maximum of 2100 euros. Care may not exceed more than 12 hours per week.

Childcare may only be provided through a commercial childcare service. In this regard, we work together with Kinderwelt gGmbH. Due to current regulations, Kinderwelt gGmbh provides the childcare at your home. It is not possible to make use of this service on TU Berlin premises.

Please note that these funds are only available until the end of 2020. It is not possible to transfer them to the next fiscal year.

How do I request and receive funding?

To submit a request, please use the application form. Complete, sign, and send it to  with email subject „Betreuungskosten Call Chancengleichheit“.

After the application deadline, a committee will meet and review the applications based on

need, suitability, and feasibility.

In the case of equivalence, the available funds will be equally distributed among the applicants.

The committee’s decision will be submitted to the chair of the staff council for approval. Once the decision has been approved, applicants will be notified immediately.

Please refer to the procedure for our existing flexible childcare service, provided in cooperation with Kinderwelt GmbH, for information about how to organize additional childcare for your child/children.

If you receive funding from the “Equality of opportunity during the COVID-19 pandemic” call, please first arrange a phone consultation with us.

We have provided an overview of Kinderwelt prices so that you can appropriately estimate the childcare costs and the funding you would like to request through the call.

Childcare is provided individually or together with siblings.



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