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Coronavirus – Coping with the current Situation


The coronavirus and the related regulations and changes provide significant challenges in our everyday life. We all have to reorganize ourselves, do our work differently than usual and at the same time, due to closed schools and daycare centers, we very often have to teach and look after our children. The daily routine for shopping, cooking food and doing housework also needs to be well planned. Activities outside are hardly possible anymore. All that together can be rather exhausting and get beyond someone’s control.

The Family Services Office of the TU Berlin and the TU Tandem therefore want to do their part to make the life of TU members with family responsibilities a little easier and help combining job / studies and family life.  We would like to keep you up to date with information for employees and students with family responsibilities, provide you with links, tips and ideas on the organization and compatibility of home office, homeschooling and social distancing and give you suggestions on how to structure everyday life.

Let us act together responsibly, prudently and with the appropriate foresight to minimize the spread of the coronavirus and gain time for health care! Together we ca make a contribution within your own options to save those close to our hearts.

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