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Information for TU Members

The TU Berlin Crisis Committee has decreed that TU Berlin stays in essential-only presence from Friday, 20 March 2020, 15:00, on. This means that only essential operations will be conducted throughout the University´s premises with all TU staff otherwise working from home. To help restrict the spread of the coronavirus, summer semester 2020 will be conducted without in-presence classes and therefore all faculties and chairs at TU Berlin are adapting their programs and courses to online formats. On this website you will find information and news about current changes, restrictions and support measures affecting TU staff and students with family responsibilities.

Information for all status groups

Here we provide information on new regulation and changes affecting members with famliy responsibilities and care commitments in general. Some modifications are detached from university. Information subdivided for staff and students you can read below.

  • Familienportal von Berlin.de [1] provides updated information on childcare, playgrounds, dealing with amendments to regulations, parental allowance, etc. specifically for Berlin. 
  •  Temporary adjustment of parental allowance [2]
  • An additional subsidy of 300 euros per child [3] has been agreed. Additional support will also be provided to increase the operational capacities of daycare centers and schools and to help charitable organizations and institutions.
  • changes in parental allowance [4]

Information for staff

  • Staff should be able to continue to work from home as far as possible.
  • It is important, however, that they remain in regular contact with their managers and supervisors. Staff should discuss working hours, the scope of work and the equipment required with their immediate supervisors.
  • Restricted in-presence operations with extended options of working on campus beginning 18 May 2020
  • Continuation of digital teaching without in-presence classes, other than in justified exceptions.
  • Information for instructors regarding online teaching:

- Bulletin from the vice president for education, digitalization and sustainability, Professor Dr. Hans-Ulrich Heiß [5]

- TU statement on the Berlin Senate’s immediate funding program for digital teaching [6]

  • Weekly bulletin no. 5 from the president of TU Berlin [7] states that staff should work from home as far as this is possible. The president also reflects on the future and how the University will emerge from the crisis. 
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